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A creative enterprise helping businesses succeed

Anticipate the new look: A strategic and integrated technology-driven solution enterprise that delivers results while helping businesses succeed.

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A technology-driven enterprise

Sketchfinix is a comprehensive digital agency and IT solutions provider with over a decade of experience in designing and managing the digital properties and online activities for businesses across diverse industries. As a full-service enterprise, we offer a wide array of business solutions aimed at helping global enterprises scale effectively while consistently attracting and retaining their target audience.

Our expertise in technology, coupled with our lateral thinking and process-based approach, enables us to deliver innovative, tailored, and sustainable solutions. These solutions empower businesses to enhance user experiences, boost customer engagement, and increase profitability by effectively leveraging all relevant channels.

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13098 Westheimer RD,
Houston, TX United States.

No 9 Durban Street,
FCT, Abuja - Nigeria.